Hi, I'm Lisa. 

Wordsmith, Storyteller, Strategist, Cultural Chameleon.


I started working with Kinsu, a mobile insurance startup being "incubated" by the team at Impossible Labs, in response to their need for a copywriter for their new app.

Identifying a need for laying a strategic foundation, I first led a workshop with the founder to understand and develop their brand values, positioning, key messaging and tone of voice. From there, I worked closely with the UX and design leads to craft copy throughout the app to create a a seamless in-app experience that allows a user to buy insurance in just minutes. Kinsu's USP is their kind, transparent and zero-bullsh*t approach to insurance, which made it key to translate this throughout every step of the user journey. Next, I worked on crafting a narrative for the website, a video script and customer-facing chat bot. I also worked with the team to build out a marketing strategy for their launch, focusing mainly on cross-channel content and community development. 

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