storyteller + [many things in between] + strategist


VINAYA was a consumer technology company creating high-end connected products for a more mindful generation.

I joined the startup at seed-stage to help build the brand, own our voice and bring several products to market. We became known as one of London’s top fashion/wellness/tech startups, driving thought leadership in the ‘mindful tech’ space. Hardware is hard, though– and unfortunately the company went into administration in Dec 2016. Nevertheless, the team did some great work.

ALTRUIS, our first generation product, is a collection of high-end connected jewellery designed to help minimize distractions by filtering your smartphone notifications. I drove all of our messaging and positioning through a rebrand (the company was previously called Kovert Designs) and product launch. Even as a scrappy startup, we were able to gain a ton of coverage from the likes of Fast Co, Forbes, The New York Times, Refinery29 and more. Many, many hats were worn in building the brand and driving our online presence. But I’ll save those stories for in person.