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Storyteller. Strategist. Wordsmith. Communications designer. Brand builder. Sustainable geek. Yogi dancer. Music junkie. Global citizen. Forward thinker.


I bring great ideas to life using words, design and technology. 

The pace of change today is unprecedented. How we choose to use words, pixels and experiences to push new ideas forward matters. It’s up to us, here and now, to define the rules by which the future will unfold.

Your business, your brand, your passion project... there’s a message there worth sharing. But who cares? Or rather, why should they care?

It's about delivering the right message, to the right people, at the right time.

Communications scientist by training, digital Swiss Army Knife by trade and citizen of the planet at heart, I'm fascinated by how humans use different mediums to create and communicate.

I've worked with a range of boundary-pushing technology and lifestyle brands to craft narratives, design products and grow audiences. I look for ways to make the story more human, more user-focused. I'm an advocate of "Time Well Spent". 


I have recently started as Head of Communications at Mixcloud, the world’s biggest and most creative online community for DJs, radio hosts, music lovers and storytellers. Merging my passions for all things music, tech and culture, I’m helping this team shape and evolve their incredible story.

Before this, a brief stint in the agency world allowed me to work with the likes of Google, Facebook and Just Eat to redesign content strategies for major global products at the hand of human-centered design.

As a freelancer, I’ve helped over a dozen young startups like Kinsu bring their voice to life, and explosive global brands like Fnatic evolve their brand story. I’ve worked with a laundry list of startups– such as Transferwise, TaskRabbit, Percolate and Sparrho– to drive thought leadership and develop audiences.

I’ve been a driving force behind building a mindful wearable tech & lifestyle brand called VINAYA. We designed, engineered and launched connected devices and apps to help people be more present in the digital age.

I play with words

Writing has always been precedent to my work, as well as a fun side gig. Whether in long-form editorial or snappy UX copy, words are my craft.

I write for brands such as Appear Here, championing ideas from their community and exploring the future of retail. I’ve been commissioned as a copywriter to craft campaign words for Lululemon. I’ve written about entrepreneurship for The Next Web, music for NYLON magazine and spotlighted plenty of movers and shakers across blogs far and wide.

Ask me where I'm local– not where I'm from.

Born and raised in Thailand to Belgian parents, I'm lucky to have grown up internationally and multilingually. I’ve been a local in Bangkok, Antwerp, New York, Tel Aviv... and called East London home for the past seven years.

I come alive when relating to different walks of life and discovering their views of the world. This instills in me a deep empathy for different types types of audiences, and makes me that little more curious…


My toolkit for modern storytelling is multifaceted and dynamic. Let me build your narrative with care. 




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